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Selene + Saverio

03 December 2022

March 29, 2019, is the big day for Selene and Saverio. It’s a great day for me too, a dream come true: photographing a wedding in a place that I love, which is truly the only place in the world that I can define as “home” and which I hope will soon finally welcome my roots still at search for their land. Not only that, Saverio and Selene are my friends, I know their hearts, I know how much they are in love with Gressoney, with these mountains, woods, scents, colours. Here they spent happy moments with their families, some even with me and mine.

They have chosen to wear Gressonari clothes, typical of this Walser population. It is not so simple to be able to wear them, because they are a heritage of this culture, of these people. It is to them that they have turned for permission to wear them on such an important day for them, and it is a wonderful seamstress of the village who has adapted them so that they could wear them.

Here is the story of this wedding in the Lys Valley, on the slopes of Monte Rosa, near Castel Savoia, wanted for Queen Margherita who stayed here. The first part was taken the day before the wedding, in Carla Angster’s atelier in Gressoney Saint Jean for the dress fittings and in the Castel Savoia park for the couple’s photos.

Happy birthday Selene and Saverio!

The emotion of wearing Walser clothes

The forest welcomed us

Our big day has arrived

Love u Saverio, love u Selene

«Lòg vòm béerg en z’tal ambré,
lòg en d’woalda òn en d’matte
wétte éscht doa schò tòppe schatte;
òf de spétza éscht d’sònnò noch,
òf de béerga tuetsch boald vergoa
hanncheròmm éscht d’nacht ou doa.

«Dal monte guarda nella valle,
guarda i boschi guarda i prati,
vedi l’ombra ch’è già scura;
sulle cime risplende il sole,
sui monti scende l’oscurità
ed in un baleno è notte fonda.

Schatt òber grét (titsch) L’imbrunire di Erwin Monterin
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